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Goldmont Engineering started in Kalgoorlie over 30 years ago specialising in heavy mobile equipment repairs and maintenance.  We now offer a much broader range of metal fabrication and repair services to the miningtransport and construction industries.  Our range of capabilities includes sheet metal and heavy gauge steel (up to 150mm thickness), carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Goldmont supplies many in-house designed products, from spare parts to major items of equipment.     A product designed, patented and built by Goldmont is the “Automated Pile Cutter” (APC).  This machine automates the cutting and preparation of tubular steel raked piles used to support jetties and has dramatically reduced the time required to cut and weld prepare raked piles.  The APC exemplifies Goldmont’s innovative spirit which is backed up by a management team with a broad knowledge of mining, transport and construction services and a “can do” attitude.

Another Goldmont designed product is the revolutionary Outcast Underground Loader Bucket.


Goldmont Engineering combines an intimate knowledge of its customers’ business with its innovation and design skills to develop new ways to solve old problems.


We are the one-stop-shop in the goldfields for boilermaking related services, we will solve your problems and we provide professional services to a high standard of quality.

Earthmoving equipment repairs


We have a deep knowledge of a wide range of OEM equipment backed up by a bank of equipment drawings that allows us to respond quickly to our customers needs.


We solve problems that others can’t.  Our design capability, an intricate understanding of how things work plus our equipment allows us to develop, design, test and implement innovative solutions.


We provide our customers with quality work and quick response times.  A Quality Management System ensures our systems and processes are robust and repeatable.  A large bank of drawings, a wide range of items in stock and a ready access to a reliable supply of steel means we deliver quality work in a timely manner.  

  • "Goldmont Engineering supports Gold Fields Maintenance by supplying boilermaking services of the highest quality workmanship and safety standards"

    Bill Cant
    Coordinator Mechanical Projects, Australasia, Gold Fields
  • “MMG Golden Grove has used Goldmont’s services for the past two years and has experienced excellent results. For example, a recent overhaul and redesign on our AD55B ejector truck tray resulted in exceptional availability.”

    Vincent O'Brien
    Mobile Equipment Maintenance Supervisor, MMG Golden Grove
  • “Goldmont has provided exceptional commitment to our projects and I will definitely utilise their products and services on future contracts.”

    John Otto
    Plant Manager, BAM Clough


We are the Supplier of Choice for many of our customers and have been selected by world class businesses to be their representative in the Goldfields region of Western Australia:

SSAB – global market leader in high strength and hardened steels
SSAB invited Goldmont to join the global Hardox Wearparts Network and to be its representative for Hardox wear parts in the goldfields region of Western Australia. The partnership gives us access to design expertise in the use of hardened steels and a network of like minded companies using Hardox products.

Speedliner™ – the world’s toughest spray-on liner
Goldmont has the sole rights to use Speedliner™ products in the Goldfields region of Western Australia. Speedliner™ has a variety of uses as a tough liner sprayed on to protect or seal surfaces. Its toughness means it is ideal for use in the mining industry to inhibit corrosion and reduce wear.

Goldmont is contracted by Hitachi for any repairs to its equipment in the Goldfields region of Western Australia.

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