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Set up of automated raked pile cutter
Raked pile after cutting and weld preparation


Goldmont Engineering sub-contracts on construction work.  Our specialty is cutting and weld preparation of raked piles commonly used in jetty or wharf construction. 

The in-house developed Automated Pile Cutter (APC) machine will cut and weld prep a raked pile in less than one hour.    

This is the first machine in the world that is able to automate the cutting and weld preparation of raked tubular steel piles.

It can be programmed to cut and weld-prep piles of any diameter & thickness and at any rake angle.

It has dramatically decreased both the time taken to cut and prepare piles and the consumables used.

It has eliminated many health and safety issues associated with the traditional manual approach to preparing piles.

The APC machine is patented in Australia – Australian Patent No. 2014292801


1.    Loading Jetty for the Itchthys LNG project; Northern Territory, Australia
a.   520 piles including ~310 raked
2.    Loading Jetty for the Wheatstone LNG project; Western Australia, Australia
a.   336 piles including ~ 202 raked

3.    Wharf Extension for FMG Anderson Point Facility 5
a.   ~ 100 raked piles.
4.    LNG Canada Loading Line Trestle Project; Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada
a.   242 piles including ~ 122 raked
5.    Plaquemines LNG Project; Louisiana, New Orleans, USA
6.    Layounne Jetty Project; Morocco;

Construction Services 3
Close up of raked pile after cut and weld preparation


“Clough-Pacific JV used Goldmont’s Automated Pile Cutter to cut and weld prep 242 raked and vertical piles on a Loading Line Trestle Project in British Columbia, Canada. The APC produced consistent quality cuts and reduced the cutting time to streamline the operations.”

Russell Rosenburg
Project Engineer at Clough Pacific JV (LNGC Loading Line Trestle)

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