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Speedliner protective coating on CAT truck parts
Speedliner protective coating on CAT truck tanks

Speedliner -the world's toughest spray on liner

Goldmont Engineering is the only licensed supplier of SpeedlinerTM anti corrosion coating  in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

SpeedlinerTM has a variety of uses as a liner to protect or seal surfaces. Its toughness means it is ideal for use in the mining industry to inhibit corrosion and reduce wear in both mobile and fixed plant.  SpeedlinerTM is also used as a liner to prevent leaking of liquids.

Speedliner also returns superior results for the following tests:

  • flammable resistance
  • ultra violet rays (UV) resistance
  • di-electric strength (electrical insulation)
  • slip resistance

Contact us if you want to see the independent test reports or want to know more about Speedliner – the world’s toughest protective coating.

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Mine site water tank 12 months after coating with Speedliner
Speedliner protective coating on a truck tray
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