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The Outcast Bucket at a Glance

The first Outcast Bucket has been in use since May 2020.  The bucket had its first off-site refurbishment after 8,000 hours, and the second off-site refurbishment after 12,000 hours.  The bucket still has its original main shell.

Goldmont completed a 2.5 year, supply and maintenance contract for 3 Outcast buckets.  The contract demonstrated reduced maintenance costs over the maintenance life cycle.

Other benefits of the Outcast bucket are:

  1. reduced safety hazards:
    • remove manual handling hazard associated with replacing heel shrouds, lip shrouds and wear bars.
    • reduce exposure to the line of fire when fitting the bucket to the loader and for servicing of bucket pins.
  2. improved clean-up capability.
  3. no hang-up observed in an Outcast bucket.
  4. improved cycle times (easier penetration into the ore and easier to dump)
  5. no incidental damage from heel blocks (eg catching on truck trays, puncturing ventilation bags).
  6. reduced shock loads transferred to the loader due to easier penetration.
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