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Hardox wearparts - truck tray refurbishment
Hardox wearparts - excavator bucket

Hardox® Wearparts - stronger and lighter

Your uptime, costs and productivity are our mission

Goldmont Engineering is a member of the global Hardox® Wearparts network – a worldwide network of wear service centers.  Our design solutions use SSAB advanced specialty steels with a combination of the following properties:

  •  high impact resistance
  •  high wear resistance
  •  high strength

We design solutions to improve performance of plant and equipment made from steel. Goldmont’s expertise was developed working on heavy mining equipment that is subject to high levels of abrasion wear and impact. The solutions we design incorporate the following specialty steels:

  •  Hardox® wear plate for extreme abrasion resistance – Hardox® is hard through and through, from the surface deep down to its core, giving you extended service life and high productivity in the most challenging environments. Minimum core hardness is 90 % of the guaranteed minimum surface hardness.
  •  Hardox® HiTuf: – the extra-high tough steel is an abrasion resistant plate with guaranteed impact toughness. With a nominal hardness of 350 HBW, it’s a good choice for structural wear parts like thick cutting edges, demolition tools and rippers.
  •  Strenx®: think thinner, get stronger – Strenx® performance steel can make your products stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive and more sustainable. We call it performance steel, because it adds performance beyond ordinary structural steel.

We stock and sell wear parts and products upgraded with Hardox® wear plate from our workshop in Kalgoorlie.  Examples are:

Please contact us to discuss your plant and equipment design challenges. We will work with the full range of materials available to supply solutions that meet your combination of production, maintenance, environmental and safety needs.


Example of boilermaking services: Almost competed R2900 Outcast bucket during fabrication
Dozer ripper shanks made from Hardox Hituf
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