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A radically different design

outcast bucket

Key design features of the Outcast Bucket are:

  • No heel blocks, lip adapters, lip shrouds or underfloor wear bars.
  • Upper section of sidewalls and cutting-edge angle inwards – reduce impact with mine walls and improved structural strength by reducing the bridge span.
  • No boxed bridge section across the top of the bucket – less weight, less impact loading while digging, less hang-up.
Underside of the Outcast Bucket
  • Underside of the bucket behind the cutting edge is 125mm above ground – less friction when bucket is run along the ground and easier penetration when digging.
  • Transition between the floor & sidewall is at 450 rather than a right angle – less wear in the transition areas.
Corner assembly of outcast bucket.

Corner assembly:

  • Bolt on for quick removal and fitting – minimize downtime
  • Modular 4-piece design so can refurbish used assemblies – less wastage and lower cost.
Photo of outcast bucket showing lip assembly
Photo of outcast bucket showing lip assembly



Lip assembly:

  • Bolt into threaded holes for quick removal and fitting – minimize downtime
  • Long life even without add-on teeth protection thanks to hardened steel and no ground contact.

The design of the Outcast bucket lip and corner tooth can be customized for needs of each user. They do have to be a standard profile to suit the angle required to fit lip shrouds.

Outcast bucket showing attachment bores

External attachment bores (Ears) allowing for a uniform internal bucket profile (no boxed-out section inside the centre of the bucket):

  • more efficient use of volume inside the bucket.
  • removes a high stress area in conventional buckets that is prone to material fatigue and cracking.
Outcast underground loader bucket attached to loader machine after use. Bucket is clean inside with no hang-up inside the bucket..

Internal skin made from high impact and wear resistant steel:

  • less impact damage and wear
  • smooth surface helps eliminate hang-up.

Note: the Outcast bucket in the adjacent photo is a different model of Outcast bucket to the other photos.

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