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Heel shrouds for excavator & loader buckets

The heel shrouds (or heel blocks) are designed to suit overhang of either wall or floor plates on buckets and to comfortably allow for 6 run weld pass.  Goldmont heel shrouds are hard wearing and unbeatable value per kg of wear material.

22.5 kg $POA
31 kg $POA
61.5 kg $POA

Other wear parts also available:  profile bars, cast corners and grouser bars.

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Heel Shrouds (or heel blocks) cast from alloy steel with high hardness and abrasion resistant properties.  They increase performance and life on excavator and loader buckets by protecting the high wear corner edges.

The material is designed for high abrasion resistance.

Material Tensile Strength Elongation(A) Hardness (HRC) Impact(J)
Alloy steel σbMpa≥1500 Σ≥6% 42-48 akv≥19

Alternative descriptions: Corner guards or corner castings

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Heel Blocks

22.5kg, 31.0kg, 61.5kg

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