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Retrieval System for Underground Loaders

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Custom designed retrieval system with hook and ring to facilitate removal of either CAT or Sandvik underground loaders (and other underground equipment) that cannot be moved due to rock falls or mechanical faults.  Retrieval of machines is safer and faster because there is no need to develop and implement adhoc retrieval mechanisms.  The retrieval system assumes that straight line access to the trapped machine is available.

We also supply retrieval base plates,  retrieval ring plates (CAT) and retrieval hook plates (Sandvik) as an alternative retrieval mechanism where straight line access is available.

We also manufacture an articulated retrieval system for situations where straight line access is limited.


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Includes the following features:
– both a ring lock and hook lock to enable hook-up to the rear of either Cat or Sandvik equipment.
– a camera mount to provide opportunity for remote viewing to operator of the retrieving vehicle while connecting the bogger to the retrieval system.

Alternative description:  Retrieval system for Caterpillar underground loader


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