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Hardox Steel offers Outstanding Value!

Underground Loader Bucket. Front view to show the smooth interior. Alternative description: Underground mining bucket.


Dozer Blade corner tip - CAT D10


CAT R2900 wing plates


Check out our Hardox replacement wear parts and have a look at our Outcast (underground mining) bucket which is made exclusively from Hardox and Strenx (both specialty steels produced by SSAB). Contact us if:
• you want us to stock other replacement parts made from hardened steel; or
• you need equipment designed with hardened steel (Hardox).

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Why you should be using hardox steel:

1. Longer lifetime thanks to consistent properties
Every Hardox® plate. Every direction. Every time. No other plate
delivers such precision in hardness, thickness, internal properties
and workshop properties. No soft spots. No crack spots.

2. Less fuel – more money in your pocket
Stronger and thinner steel means less steel needed. Your equipment becomes lighter and will therefore use less fuel, which means more money left for you.

3. The toughness to take the hits when reality strikes
Hardox® wear plate is produced to obtain a homogeneous martensitic matrix. It features a small size and perfect random orientation of the constituents. The clean steel provides superior resistance to cracking, impact and other types of wear, and has very high energy absorption. Comes with guaranteed toughness properties.

4. Maximum productivity
When your equipment is strong yet lighter and has a longer service life, you get better productivity. This means less downtime, more loads per hour or increased payload.

Goldmont Engineering is a member of the global Hardox Wearparts® network and is the representative for Hardox wearparts in the goldfields of Western Australia.  Goldmont designs equipment and wear packages with hardened steel to increase uptime, reduce costs and increase productivity. We support customers with the right choice of wear parts and services, and we are determined to do it better than anybody else.

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