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Products to improve performance

Spare parts, wear parts and custom designed equipment

Products to Improve Performance 1

Get ready to supercharge your operations with Goldmont Engineering‘s products.

We’re here to make sure your business runs smoothly by providing top-quality wear parts, spare parts, and other products that are guaranteed to optimise operational performance.

At Goldmont, we understand the challenges that come with running a successful operation, which is why we’re always looking for ways to improve our product portfolio. Our team is committed to providing you with products that are readily available and will exceed your expectations in terms of wear and functionality.

So, what’s holding your operations back? If you’re facing issues with product availability or performance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are eager to work with you to find solutions to your problems. We will either have what you need or we’re confident we can design what you need for your operations.

The following provides a flavour of our product range.  To see our full catalogue, go to the following link.

Product Catalogue
TB60 Sandvik Jumbo Drill Front Centralisers Sandvik TB60 Jumbo Drills

inner zoom tubesfront centralizers, travelling centralizers.

We are also working on the manufacture of Goldmont outer zoom tubes and feed cradles.



Final drive cover for EX3600 Hitachi excavator Hitachi Excavators

H-Links, final drive covers, belly guards, track guides.



MT65 radiator grill that is for sale - front and side perspective Epiroc underground trucks

cabin doors, radiator cowlings and panels for the vehicle bodies.




CAT R1700 Cabin Doors Underground loaders

cabin doors, rear grills, retrieval systems, spill guards.



Workshop concrete floor with sunk-in service pit Support equipment

steel racks, winch cables, wash ramps, hot seat change cattle ramps, equipment stands, vehicle service pits, crew lockers.

Our equipment is built with the highest quality materials, ensuring they’ll stand up to even the most demanding conditions. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, equipment life or improve workplace safety, our support equipment has got you covered.



Heel Shrouds Wear parts

heel shrouds, cast corners, half arrows, grouser bar, profile bars, protection wings.

We are also the only licensed supplier in the WA Goldfields of Speedliner, the world’s toughest spray-on liner.



Examples of products designed by Goldmont for performance improvement:


Sandvik TB60 Inner Zoom Tube Sandvik TB60 Inner Zoom Tube: 

Goldmont has been selling TB60 inner zoom tubes since May 2022.  The first reported, wear related, change-out of a Goldmont designed right-hand inner zoom tube was after a service life of 1,780 hours, nearly double the average life for OEM right-hand inner zoom tubes used by this customer.



Black CAT R2900 Rubber Bucket Dampener CAT R2900 Bucket Dampeners:

 The R2900 bucket dampeners lasted 2,000 hours before replacement during a trial – an order of magnitude increase in wear life compared to OEM dampeners.



Sets of Trapezoid Swamp Tracks designed for use on swampy ground Swamp tracks (For drill rigs and other crawler vehicles):

Looking for a game-changer for your swampy terrain operations? Look no further than our trapezoid-shaped swamp tracks!  Our tracks offer unparalleled advantages:

·         more grip on swampy ground, so less likely your vehicle will bog.

·         lighter than the industry standard, enabling higher weight allowances for crawler vehicles.

·         superior strength, leading to a longer life.



Speak to Goldmont Engineering today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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