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Superior Fabrication Skills in Kalgoorlie

Ventilation system ducting

Goldmont Engineering’s fabrication skills are demonstrated by this large, complex fabrication job completed at its Kalgoorlie Workshop.  The job was system ducting for the upgrade of a mine ventilation system.

The fabrication work comprised 1 x three-way elbow for inlet ducting, 3 x inlet transitions, and 3 x mist eliminator transition ducts.

3-way elbow ducting for mine ventilation system ctiona
3-way elbow
Inlet Transition
Mist eliminator transition

The system ducting included the following challenges:

  • asymmetrical fabrication;
  • offset square to round fabrication;
  • demanding specifications and quality control for the protective coating; and
  • tight tolerances for dimensions of the final product to ensure the components of the system could be efficiently assembled on-site to meet the project schedule.


Everything fitted on site and Goldmont has received excellent feedback on the quality of its work from the main contractor AirEng Pty Ltd.

All of the ducting work completed by Goldmont was fabricated and finished to a high-quality standard, was delivered on time and required no modification for the site assembly”.

AirEng Project Manager, Mr Justin Stephenson

Induction system loaded in Kalgoorlie for transport to site
Loaded in Kalgoorlie to transport to site
Transporting fabricated induction system
Leaving for site
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